What the Pageist Did in August 2017

Great strides were made in upgrading the recording booth.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 58: Reviews of two novels by Francoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile. The text of the reviews are in this post.

Episode 59: Jillian Keenan, freelance journalist and author of Sex with Shakespeare (which is fantastic and you should read it) came on the show for an interview about spanking, fetish-as-orientation, imaginary friends and other fun things.

Episode 60: Mike Merrill, publicly-traded individual, was on the show to talk about what it’s like letting friends and strangers make his life decisions for him, how power exchange concepts can benefit vanilla people and a pretty cool Kickstarter book the backers will help write. (It’s kinky erotic fiction.)


Over on Kink Craft, I had a piece about Asexuality and Kink published.

Here, I proposed A Solution to All of the Unsolicited Dicks going around. The link is safe for work.

I also wrote a piece about what it’s like dealing with gynecologist appointments when you’ve been sexually assaulted. That piece is a little heavy, but has a happy ending.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1+) The greeting for August pertained to new starts and new slates and referenced watermelon slingshots. It made since in the greeting, I promise.

Poetry for Patrons ($3+) were three sensuous offerings by Robert Herrick.

The Mix Tape ($5+) was an excerpt from Jillian Keenan’s Sex with Shakespeare–a fantasy sequence involving the author, one of Shakespeare’s heroines, a switch (the spanking implement, not kink role) and some lesbian action. Sexy, literate and funny.


The sidebar has been updated and rearranged for a more user-friendly feel.

Index pages (just, all of them) and the Resource pages all have collapsible sections to save time scrolling.

Some changes have been made to improve user-experience on mobile, since about half my traffic comes from people on their phones. Now those users will have access to all of the resource pages. Huzzah!

The Support page has a new look.

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