What the Pageist Did in May 2017


I was on Auntie Social’s show Stereo-Typed to talk about Pageism, which you can listen to here.


All supporters received a greeting about an interesting tradition in olde Oxfordtown.

The poem was a fifteenth century Welsh poem (translated to English) called ‘Ode to Pubic Hair’

The Mix Tape was a section from Madison Young’s DIY Porn Handbook (reviewed in episode 40) about BDSM negotiation in porn, though much of it could be useful for non-pros. She uses the acronym: REAL SHAG TOP to remember it easily.

In Vintage Naughty Readings: Romance of Lust we were up to instalment 6 and Mrs Edgerton received a letter in return from her dear friend, that was equally as salacious as the one she’d sent.


Episode 050: Two novels by Georges Bataille (Story of the Eye and L’Abbe C). My Submissive Life: I come out to my mother, the DEB is real, and the complicated and nonsensical way we define work in Western society. Text version of the reviews here.

Episode 051: Auntie Social was on the show and we discussed books (both kinky and vanilla) and the propensity to focus on fantasy to the detriment of real life.

Episode 052: Decoding Your Kink by Galen Fous. My Submissive Life: All sorts of milestones and adulthood seems to have snuck up on me. The text of the book review is here.


Game ReviewA review of Robert Yang’s Radiator 2 triptych of moderately explicit, hilarious gay games: Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, Stick Shift.


Asexuality: Questions & Answers: Over on KinkCraft, I wrote about common questions about and beliefs surrounding asexuality.

The Governor’s Secretary: I began an educational BDSM fanfiction set in the Wentworth universe. It’s available on this site at the link right there and on AO3. The fic includes resources and a glossary. The first four chapters are up.

Joan Ferguson is Not the Domme You’re Looking For: An update to a two-year-old post about Joan Ferguson from Wentworth, who originally appears to possess excellent qualities of a D-type, but eventually reveals a host of red flags, which is useful as a cautionary tale. Also: What Joan would be like as a Domme, had things gone differently.

Meditations for submissives 008: Severus: This month’s Meditation focuses on beign a decent human and friend, as well as contains advice for being a good D-type.

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