Episode 050: Two Novels by Georges Bataille

Episode the fiftieth; Wherein the Pageist ponders the meaning of work, tells her mother of her job and falls in love with a French author. The books reviewed in this episode are Story of the Eye and L’Abbe C by Georges Bataille.

.53 Intro and Announcements:

3.22 My Submissive Life:

13.45 Book Reviews:

  • Two novels by Georges Bataille this episode. Book one is Story of the Eye. Bataille’s first novel, this is about a menage that goes very wrong, leading to the characters going on the run across Europe. Sadism, torture, orgies, sacreligious acts and urine play galore. Quite visceral and explicit, and not for the faint of heart, this is an incredible work of transgressive fiction.
  • L’Abbe C. A story of two people obsessed with one another–Eponine, a prostitute, and Robert, a priest who’s known her since childhood–and the person caught between them–Charles, Robert’s identical twin. For people with a high capacity for ambiguity in fiction, who don’t need every question answered.

33.14 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be interviewing Auntie Social from Stereo-typed. We’ll be discussing whether or not people are too swept up in fantasy (both kinky and in general) and uninterested in the warts of reality.
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