Fantasy Books for Kinksters

Last month, a listener contacted me looking for erotic horror focusing on vampires, werewolves and sirens for his wife.

I figured if he wanted to know, there were probably other people out there who would appreciate some resources, as well.

Here is the answer I gave him:

You are an excellent husband–trying to help your wife find quality reading material recommends you greatly.

I’m not a supernatural erotica individual so I have not read anything specifically myself, but there are three places I would recommend checking. If she can’t find anything in these places then I’m at a loss.

First: Circlet Press. They bill themselves as ‘Erotica for Geeks’ and have erotica in all sorts of non-traditional genres, including some vampires. They carry Laura Antoniou’s books so that’s a big enough recommendation for me.

Second: Literotica. If this site is to her taste you may never see your wife again. It’s free erotica (there are pictures and videos, too, but I linked to the stories page). I did a search for vampires and sirens separately and it returned hundreds of pages each. These can be one-off shorts, multi-part short stories, novellas or novels. Because these are submitted by anyone the quality will vary, but some people are incredible writers–better than what is printed by traditional publishers.

Third: Archive of Our Own (AO3): This is similar to Literotica, but is for ‘fandoms’ so if your wife is also obsessed with a particular TV show/celebrity/film, check here to see if someone has written a fanfiction of… god only knows. Benedict Cumberbatch spanking Snape. …oh god… That’s probably a thing. I’m not going to look.

Like Literotica, length of pieces and quality may vary, but I have read amazing pieces there. A friend of mine who’s an English professor writes fanfiction there–pieces that are dozens of parts long. Pieces on AO3 aren’t necessarily smutty or erotic. Sometimes it’s just Alternate Universe things where fans wish a plot went a different way.

Good luck and let me know what she says!

If you know of other places to find genre erotica, please leave a comment, as I’m always looking for new resources.

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