Apps for s-types: TracknShare

Apps for s-types is a new, monthly feature of resources (usually mobile apps) that will assist s-types in being more useful to their D-types or improving themselves, if training on their own. (Or not—like all other reviews on the site, I’ll list the pros and cons and you can decide if it fits your needs.)

These resources will also be of use to anyone interested in being more productive or achieving personal goals. Though these reviews appear on s-type Sundays, they will not be written expressly ‘at’ slaves/submissives/property/etc, though that is their intended audience—reviews will be in neutral language.

That said: A note for single s-types. If you’re keeping a training resume, this would be the sort of thing to list in an improvement section to show you’re making an effort and how you’re going about improving yourself.

First up, one of my personal favourites.


Brief Description: An impressively flexible multi-tracking app. The definition of ‘What gets measured gets managed.’

Cost: $4.99 (Worth every penny); There’s a ‘lite’ version to try to see if it would be useful before purchasing the Pro version.

Platforms: iTunes (it doesn’t look like it’s available on Android, which is baffling. Check—perhaps I’m having bad luck.)

Website: (they have several new apps now—check those out, as they may better suit your needs.)


  • Sharing information so if someone needs/wants to oversee another person’s improvement, that’s easily accomplished. (One person has to send their information to the other—it’s not something that can be done surreptitiously.)
  • Graphs to spot trends, which can be viewed over days, weeks or months.
    User-defined categories, under which you can have a variety of user-defined items to track including:

    • Yes/No
    • Numbers including two decimal places (for money or weight)
    • How in love you are
    • Grades
    • What the weather was like
    • A note (where you can type a fair number of characters—I never ran out of room)
    • 0-3 Severity
    • Pain as demonstrated by smiley to frowny faces
    • Hours, mins, secs (I used this for exercise times)
    • Completion
    • And several others
  • Hundreds of icons to choose from or you can upload your own—though that does slow down the app.
  • Set goals and try to meet them.
  • Various ways to back up—iCloud or dropbox—so you won’t lose your data.
  • I didn’t use all of the features—there is more functionality than even this.

Drawbacks: It’s been awhile since I’ve used it (I consolidated my system for tracking things—it was nothing to do with the app) so I can’t recall many.

There was no calendar view, which would have been useful when comparing things like mood, period, weather and migraine—all of which I tracked. That was the big one for me. I also wanted to keep up with my bp and pulse at doctor visits, but there wasn’t a place for that, so I wound up making a note and had to find it again at my next appointment (not easy without a monthly view) to compare.

As I said above, I didn’t even use all of the features, as there were so many, so I may have missed something that wasn’t optimal. It depends what you’re looking for.

If this review sounds effusive, it’s because I started with one of my favourite apps. It’s one of the first three I recommend to everyone.

User Experience: Because my phone was with me all day, I used the note feature and made note of start and stop time for each task I wanted to track, at the end of the day I’d tally those times and enter them in the correct places—it was a nice way to wrap up the day and see how I’d spent my time.

Review: I used it every day for a couple years and loved it—I had dozens of trackable habits, goals, times and other things in various categories. I had no idea how much of my day was spent on apps and the internet until I started using it. After being appalled at how not-productive I was I got to work on improving that.

Will work best for:

  • People who wonder where on Earth their time goes and want to exert more control over where they put their energy.
  • People who want to set goals for others and mentor those people to help them achieve those goals.
  • Those who want to track their moods or health or (nearly) any other thing.
  • Graph-lovers.

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