DIY Review: Kink Craft Mini-Flogger

Manufacturer and Primary Information

I’ve talked about Kink Craft a few times on the site already, reviewing their shop site and podcast and interviewing the owners’ of the shop/hosts of the podcast.

This is a review of the DIY mini-flogger from their shop–where they send you the materials and a link to the video course that teaches you how to make the toy and you do it yourself.

I received this for free, but I’m already ready to give them money to make the larger flogger, cuffs and snake whip (which isn’t even available yet). So… there you are.

Colours and Materials

All of their kits are available in a variety of colours (always black and a colour to offset it)—I chose black and green because Slytherin.

Colour options. Image from the Kink Craft site.

They primarily work in paracord (vegan friendly!), though you can just purchase the video courses and choose your own material. I’m curious how suede would work with this design. (Some courses are free—check out their site.)

If you buy the kit that comes with materials, the video course is bundled with that for free. You can watch the videos as many times as you’d like/need to.

I WANNA PLAY! How Long Will It Take To Make The Thing?!

The projected time for making the mini-flogger is 30 minutes. It took me an hour and a half, but that was with taking photos for this post, two breaks to make tea, a brief chat with my husband about U.S. taxes, re-watching a couple sections a few times to be sure I was doing things right and another brief break to watch an absolutely ridiculous (SFW) thing the husband had found on Facebook.

If I were to make another one right now it would probably take half an hour, is what I’m saying.

Each course contains short videos that break down the process into a few minutes at a time so it’s easy to keep up or pause or find the place you need to re-watch.

Was Making the Good-Time-Thing a Good Time?

Making this was much fun. I enjoy working with my hands–perhaps because it’s nice to have a physical object for my efforts at the end (and when that object is kink-related, well, bonus!) but the wrapping of the handle was repetitive, as well, which is also meditative, in a way. That bit made me want to start on the large flogger immediately.

(I also wanted to make a bunch of mini-floggers in Hogwarts house colours since I’d just have to buy the correct size paracord in the colours I needed. And you know there are some kinky geeks out there who’d be all about that. I ‘d be tempted to make the falls longer to be able to put more or thicker knots in, as well. Or perhaps wooden beads–I’d need to research to see if those would be safe.)

So, yeah, it was a good time. I could happily sit and make the things and be creative whilst listening to podcasts for ages. It’s well-worth the money.

Was the Good-Time-Thing Worth the Effort?

I haven’t used it (it would be used on me) and don’t know when I will do. (I’m pretty sure I’m a thuddy person, but I’m not ruling anything out at this point.) In the right person’s hands, who knows how it can be used.

It makes a great swoosh-swoosh sound flying through the air. The vanilla husband enjoyed swinging it around.

I tested it on my arm and it has a little sting to it–with enough force on a tender enough area I’m sure it would wake someone right up.

Unboxing Experience

I was not expecting a DIY kit to come in a gift package. Partially because it’s something you put together yourself and partially because I was receiving it for free.

This is what arrived:

Which I can just picture a Dominant presenting to their eager sub: ‘Make this so I can use it on you.’


The only things you need that aren’t in the box are a tape measure–I used a seamstress’ tape–and scissors.

Making the Thing

Remove things from nice box. Place on poorly lit desk.

Nowhere in my house has decent lighting at any time during any point of the day. I’m not kidding and I don’t know why.

Unravel paracord. Do a better job than this.

Picture me fighting with this as though it were actively fighting back then throwing it on my keyboard and taking a photo.

I figured out how to unwind the second one with less faff. Standing up and letting it unwind itself is a start. That’s nothing to do with Kink Craft and everything to do with me being awkward.

After cutting your paracord to specific lengths, there’s some folding to be done.

I took a photo at the end of each section of the course so you can see how well they break it down for you.

That handle is WRAPPED, baby!

You’re supposed to wrap it for the hand of the person who’s going to use it. This will be a woman. I’m a woman but I also have tiny hands, so I made the handle slightly longer than my grip.

Paracord entrails.

Then it was time to wrap the handle with one length of paracord that had been set aside and debagged. (I don’t know why my brain wants to call it that. Debagging was a term for yanking someone’s pants down and came into use in the 1920s or so in Oxford and Cambridge. It was called that because men wore a style of trousers there called ‘Oxford bags‘ that had legs so wide some looked like skirts. So to ‘debag’ someone was to yank their ‘bags’ down. Maybe my mind uses the term because to remove the insides you have to work the outer casing down, which can be like attempting to remove tight jeans.)

The other word choice is ‘disemboweled’ the paracord. Take your pick.

Beginning of the wrapping of the handle.

The wrapping and tying of the handle is a meditative thing to do–it’s also one of the times you’re supposed to pull as hard as you can (wrapping the cords with the electrical tape is another) which is an excellent way to relieve any stress you may be dealing with at the moment.

After that’s done there’s a little cutting and tying to be done and you have a new toy to add to your collection:

I call it Snape.

I give Pixie and Andrew credit–this is what was left over at the end:

They’ve kept the waste at a minimum.


5/5 Would Will make again. Very much looking forward to making the things they’re bringing to Eroticon.

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