Podcast Review: Why Are People Into That?!

Type of Podcast & Premise: Interview format. In each episode, the host talks to someone who knows a thing or two about that episode’s topic to find out why people are into [spanking/bondage/humiliation/whatever].

The Host: Tina Horn (Who is into quite a few things herself) [I reviewed (and loved) her book about sexting real good in episode fifteen of my show.]

Length of Episodes: The earlier ones were an hour up to an hour and 40 minutes (it’s an interview about interesting subjects—you’re not going to cut someone off). Now Horn breaks the episodes into two pieces to keep them from being too long.

Post Frequency: I believe they started out being once a month but now it’s twice a month—one interview broken into two listenable chunks. Plus an Interrobang (described below).

Current Number of Episodes: 45 (some are broken into two parts, but the second half will be label ‘B’ of whatever episode number… there have been 45 topics—I’ll put it that way.

There are also Interrobangs, which is this symbol: ?! And are short segments that complement previous episodes.

Number of Episodes I’ve listened to: Looking down the list I counted 19, but it felt like more than that. Perhaps because I’ve learned so much and laughed so hard. They’re all downloaded, so I’ll get there eventually. The show is still in production as of this writing.

Platforms: iTunes, acast, you can also use the rss feed to subscribe.

Website & Other Social Media: whyarepeopleintothat.com, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Review: Horn has been part of the kink scene, as well as involved with sex work and porn in a variety of ways for years so she knows many people who have bags of experience to share. The list of her interviewees is like looking at the best answer to the question, ‘Who would you invite to your dream dirty dinner party?’

As with any podcast that focuses on specific topics—I first listened to episodes on things I’m interested in and had some knowledge of:

Service with Laura Antoniou (ZOMG amazing!)

Role Play with Mollena Williams (this also covers race-play and is spectacular) (this is the second part of the episode)

Submission with Steven Elliot (I need to have this person on the show—we have similar feelings about submission in odd little ways)

Age Play with Siouxsie Q

Spanking with Jillian Keenan (I reviewed Sex with Shakespeare based partially off this interview)

Power with Sinclair Sexsmith (sugarbutch, who is awesome).

These episodes were all A+ and made me think about my own interests in ways I hadn’t previously considered.

Then I sought out episodes on topics I simply do not get. Not like, ‘Eww, gross!’ But… why do people dress up like sexy nurses? I genuinely do not understand this. You don’t see sexy doctors. Medical play makes sense—it’s not the fetish that confuses me… That’s not what this post is about though. There’s an episode about Naughty Nurses with Zil Garner Goldstein and why people are into it. I think I get it now. So, thank you Tina and Zil.

Then there were ones I either didn’t know existed at all (bicycles, Poppy Cox taught me there are people attracted to bicycles—it makes total sense, really, there’s even a porn festival for bike-sexuals) or things I didn’t know very much about but now do and am a little intrigued. Latex was a big one for that (thank you, Abigail Greydanus), though fire was also fascinating and now I want to watch people do sexy stuff with fire. Particularly Lamalani Siverts.

Episodes that fell into the category of ‘Things I’m interested in but hadn’t given much thought to’ were blood (with Maxwell Lander) and bondage (pt2). Both of those were excellent, but the bondage one with Troy Orleans! You have to listen to that episode. Orleans is a dominatrix who specialises in heavy bondage and she has a body bag that’s made of the leather they make the seats of Italian sports cars from.

Horn responded to this information by laughing out a, ‘Shut the fuck up.’

I’ve not had the slightest curiosity about body bags until then. The finest leather known to mankind, you say? Completely encasing my entire body, you say?

What’s happening? Oh yeah, a review.

If none of the topics I’ve mentioned toast your crumpet, here are a few of the other subjects that have been discussed:

The fantastic Cooper S. Beckett does the Swinging episode.

Horn thinks about sex and kink and the politics of the body and gender a lot and the people she interviews do, as well—the conversations are always intelligent and hilarious. There’s always a warmth, a rapport, between Horn and whomever she’s interviewing. Inevitably they’re going to tell some insane stories about something one of them did and it’s going to be wonderful, eye-opening, educational, and it’ll probably make you laugh out loud.

During every episode I learned something—whether it was a new way to experience or view an existing kink of my own, that perhaps there was an aspect of another kink I may be interested in but hadn’t known of before, or simply learning what other people got from their own kink that I didn’t inherently connect with. (I think that might be the point of the show. Well done, there.)

Rating: 5/5 – If you’re looking for more information on your own grown up interests or are wondering what is up with the people who like xyz (or are simply a sex nerd), this is the show for you.

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