Periodicals: Condom Sizes & Lube-Testing

Condoms (lo, their many sizes): The utterly rad BexTalksSex was offering a spreadsheet of the various sizes a variety of condoms are available in, so I said, ‘Yes, please!’ And here is the PDF. They also said that if you have a question about a particular condom you can check the resources they used to compile the list: LuckyBloke,, Bex also swears by Lucky Bloke for the actual purchasing of the condoms. Thanks, friend! [All of this information will go in the resources section of the site, but I wanted it to make a pass through the main page, first.]

Leather Advice (lifestyle): Laura Antoniou lays down some truth in her writing: On “leather traditions” and “houses” and other things people try to sell you on.

Lube (how to find the best ones for you): Dove-tailing perfectly with the earlier condom post–Midori has a highly informative and useful post on how to shop for lube. Including what to look for and what to avoid. There are 7 steps total, but they’re straightforward and at the end of them you have lube that will make your life so much better! Whee!

Masturbation (and games to play with yourself when playing with yourself): Spanking Theatre has an impressive, inventive list of ways to spice up your alone time that involves many games. So many games. Which can be adapted to be used with a partner, as well. Get creative!

Sex Advice (for vanillas and beyond): Over on Medium, Stella J has some excellent advice for the ladies to get what they want and need in bed, as well as how to find out (and give to) any ladies you’re doing sex with what they’d like.

Strap-ons (uncut edition): Sugarbutch compares three uncircumcised strap-ons (with a bonus packer that’s freakin’ ADORABLE) for your edification in this post on his site.

Transphobia (Czech Republic): If you like to know how other parts of the world feel about transgender issues, here’s an eye-opening, infuriating open letter to the editor of the Czech edition of the National Geographic issue about gender. I’d be well away from anything breakable when reading this.

Women and Power (and why we don’t embrace it):This piece by Midori highlights 16 of the reasons women don’t act on (or ask for) the things they desire in and out of the bedroom.

CORRECTION: A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to an article debunking jade eggs. This week I learned that the actual information on whether jade eggs are dangerous isn’t as straightforward. Because I hadn’t done due diligence, I didn’t read the original article on the eggs–only the one by Dr Gunter, so I didn’t know the original article was about a woman who’d used them properly to help reclaim ownership over her body after sexual assault. This was lazy and inexcusable behaviour from a person who prides herself on being science-minded. I will do better.

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