Site Review: Submissive Guide

General Description is a resource site for submissives (or any s-type) with an enormous amount of information, articles and advice on any subject a lower-case person could desire. It has been active since 2009.


Everything. No, really. If you’re an s-type and you want to know about something, this site probably has some sort of information for you. If you’re looking for specific guidance, use the search box or browse around using the topics in one of the navigation bars. Also available is what I call the ‘education’ navigation bar, which is at the top of the page.

Education NavBar

This includes a link to their YouTube page (which I didn’t know existed until now), workshops on various topics s-types can use for personal growth or D-types could give as assignments, as well as journal prompts (I use these frequently on this site). They also have an archive of something called Simply Service, which is a now-defunct newsletter for service-oriented people that makes my heart glow. It has essays and articles on different aspects of service, as well as practical advice.

A couple other topics the site covers.

There are book reviews (swoon) and her site was how I discovered Christina Parker’s Where I am Led, which I love.

One of my all-time, number one favourite things (of all the things on Earth) is the series on training resumes–how they’re useful and how to build your own. You can believe I have this set of posts saved on my computer and have tweaked the guidelines to better suit my own needs (added more steps).

There’s an email newsletter—I recommend signing up for it if submission is your thing. I’ve been getting it for months and it may keep you from missing something you may otherwise due to sheer volume of information.

Also, follow the Twitter account (@subguide) for the same reason.

The mobile version is exactly the same as the desktop version, which is neither here nor there. It just is. Just letting you know I checked and the mobile version looks the same and you can zoom in on text by double tapping your screen so it works a-okay.

Bio Break

I don’t usually talk about the person(s) behind a site specifically, but SubmissiveGuide only has one person running it, LunaKM. She did an interview on Erotic Awakening that’s worth a listen. The site has been running since 2009. That one mortal human being coordinates the number of things she does is impressive. There are guest posts, but those must be curated and she still does a gargantuan amount of work besides.

I’ve been visiting the site off and on for many months—perhaps more than a year and a half—and still didn’t know everything about it until writing this review. Does she not sleep? She has a Master, too, so it’s not like she doesn’t have a social life.

Respect, lady.


Design (it’s always the design with me, isn’t it?)

Due to the amount of information available the site feels cluttered. The ads are off-putting (though I am not judging—the amount of work that goes into the site deserves to be compensated), and fair dues, it’s difficult to make ads blend into a site well—HeyEpiphora is one of the few sites that has accomplished it, but that’s the exception.

The entire site would need a complete overhaul to make it feel less chaotic and give it a more professional, streamlined look. I’m not going to pick apart specific design elements, but I do want to stress that if you visit this site, don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of information, as I first was. It felt like walking into a vast library where all the books were stacked on the floor in general categories. Everything I wanted was there, but boy was it intimidating.

There must be a keyword-finder software in use, as often, in the middle of posts, part of a word will be linked in a way that doesn’t seem particularly useful (to me). Perhaps other people use this feature or it’s a time-saving device when posting, but when I’m using the site it’s distracting.

Search Function?

I was putting this post together and searched for ‘Where I am Led’ (I know I read a review of it there) but the search function didn’t return the review. I also searched for Christina Parker (the author). So perhaps the search feature doesn’t work well.

Overall review

SubmissiveGuide is the go-to resource for s-types new to the scene (or those interested in improving themselves or their submission). There is a wealth of information, advice, articles and education.

4/5 (That one point is entirely design-based.)

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