Periodicals: Dick Size & Overthinking

Anatomy of the Clit: DangerousLilly’s clit has very specific instructions on what it likes–there’s one particular spot that makes everything right with the world. Then Lilly discovered there were others with similarly specific clits. Is yours a lefty or a righty?

Debunking Woo-woo Health Nonsense (Paltrow edition): Two for you here–both about some utterly unscientific ridiculousness from Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP website. These articles are written by an actual Ob-Gyn. You know, a person who studied medicine and everything. The first one is jade eggs people are supposed to put in their vaginas during the day (or keep in while they sleep!) The second is about a thing called a v-steam. You steam your vagina and it… oh who cares. It’s a load of tosh.

Dick Size (non-importance of):This article from Bish takes issue with the idea that dicks size is important to how ‘manly’ a person is. It includes explanations of why we may think big dicks are more prevalent than they are and how to be more comfortable with your perfectly fine member.

Oral Sex (Cunnilingus): A podcast by good ol’ Graydancer sharing his Top 3 Cunnilingus Tips. Thanks, man!

Politics! (in regard to sex and kink):This minicast from Stereo-Typed (a member of The People of Kink network) is about why sex and kink and what we do is political so of course it’s going to come up sometimes.

Porn Laws (US): From Glorious Leader (who’s starred in THREE soft-core porn films!) on down to specific states–here’s the newest news on the latest ‘public health crisis’ that is pornography in the US and its use.

Sex Toys! (why they’re extra important at the moment): Sex toys are even more important during times of political strife. They’re coming for your pleasure, which means they’re coming for your toys. Really, though, this piece by Formidable Femme made me think about a few things, taught me a few things and offered resources to keep the helplessness at bay.

Submissive Tips (Overthinking): On the Kink Realm, there’s an article by a submissive about how overthinking their Master’s orders is a quick way to make mistakes and how simply doing as you’re told is the best way to go.

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