Sex Toy Reviewers: Oh Joy, Sex Toy

As I’ve previously written, Hey Epiphora, is my favourite sex toy review site.

Oh Joy Sex Toy, however, is my favourite sex toy review–and sex education–site for the more visually-inclined. (That means it’s a webcomic.)

The comics are written and drawn by Erika Moen, who I first learned of through Strip Search–a hilarious webcomic reality show contest run by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade. You should watch it.

On that show, Erika rather overshares about the various types of ‘virginities’ and losing them. (There are more than one orifice and more than one gender with whom to explore those orifices, after all.)

Oh Joy Sex Toy has been running since 2013 (it’ll be four years in April) and reviews sex toys for vulvas and their accompanying parts and penises and anuses and prostates.

The peens and prostates posts are written by her husband, Matthew Nolan.

The site includes guest strips by other artists covering topics often related to various types of kink play–why people are into it and how to do it safely. Some strips have included information on 24/7 BDSM by TeMeL, Watersports by Sicklyhypnos and general BDSM safety by Abby Howard. (Amongst many others. Go to the archives and scroll down or just start at the beginning OR buy the books!)

Speaking of books, there are also a few book reviews, which I’d forgotten about until I started putting this post together. Yes, I forgot about book reviews. It’s the site where I first heard of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, which I immediately purchased and… it’s still waiting to be reviewed on the show.

There are also strips on sexual health; why it’s important (and not embarrassing or bad) to get tested for STIs, vaginismus, and the copper IUD.

There is also the occasional erotic webcomic by a guest artist. Those are incredible. Even if the subject matter isn’t my thing–the artwork is usually impressive.

I learn something in every comic–even if it’s, ‘I do not want to buy that toy, as it will probably burn my clit off.’

Her recommendations take into account that every body won’t be the same and she notes who a toy may or may not work for. Her rec is why I bought the Tantus Uncut 1. It’s still a bit too large for regular ‘dates’, but the first time I used it it gave me the biggest orgasm of my life. The kind that leaves you staring at the ceiling in shock for several minutes.

Her toy reviews often include a discount code at the bottom of the post so you can get a percentage off. Handy!

Moen is also the creator of the Anal Sex Safety Snails, which I’ve talked about on the show. I love them.

One of the best things about the comic is how inclusive it is. All body types, configurations, races, orientations, genders, you name it, are represented. It’s refreshing.

It’s such a great comic I don’t even mind all of the puns.

There are helpful drop down menus along the top of the site so you can find topics and comics of interest, or you can keep clicking ‘Previous’ and read your way backwards.

Do I  need to say this is 5/5?

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