Episode 039: The Pageist Talks a Break

Episode the thirty-ninth; wherein the Pageist needs a bit of a break from the world and its nonsense. Recent world events have finally taken their toll.

Two episodes will be up next week.

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  • Keep your chin up. The fight against small minded idiots never really ends. We have to hold fast to the things we love. For some people kink is a life game or some sort of a fad, but for the rest of us it our lives. While other people can just walk away and go back to being vanilla, some of us will never have that option. We are the heart of the life style, and we will have to be the heart of the resistance. Hang in there and keep up your amazing work.

    • thepageist says:

      Thank you. I had a nice break and feel ready to fight the good fight, but, man alive, is it exhausting sometimes. Particularly when the people keeping you down are from your own side. Voices like yours are important when that happens. <3

  • I couldn’t agree more, I wanted to respect the Apolitical space but at the same time I just wanted to scream. How are people so sure it ‘won’t happen to them?’ When Brexit did. When Trump did. When the first anti-porn bill went through with barely a ripple. They don’t see beyond the banning of a few acts. They don’t see that their favourite podcasters, porn stars, web cam girls and others are just about to be wiped out as well because money is the weapon of the rich.

    None of these bills have passed yet and we have just seen Fetlife censored. Thousands of posts, thousands of hours of information and experiences and advice have been deleted over night. Now there is no longer a safe space for people to talk about their kink, to get advice on safe ways of doing kink or (perhaps most importantly) check in with other (responsible and well read) people in the kink world about whether what they are experiencing is normal or abusive.

    The community is so much more than watching some risque porn. Its a lifeline for people, for you and for me. It has given me freedom and autonomy over a body which is disabled by a chronic illness, it has been a lifeline to like minded, awesome, people. We don’t just find pleasure in kink, we find ourselves.

    I don’t know what to suggest, what the next move should be. I’ve taken a break from the internet for a few days myself (yes people messaged me to check I was alive, apparently I am online -a lot- more than I think I am). All I can say as reassurance is that our current house of lords has a reputation for doing their best to fight for equality and maybe they’ll manage to iron some of this out.

    Soothing squishes are being sent your way in the meantime, -squish-

    • thepageist says:

      Well, it’s certainly good to know the House of Lords (which is both an archaic institution and sounds like something George R.R. Martin made up) has a reputation of fixing these sorts of things. Here’s hoping, then.

      And I’m with you on people being so sure everything was going to be fine. Had they been paying attention to the previous year? The Year of Everything is Backwards?

      The Fetlife thing! What the hell?! I came in after a few days and… That’s dangerous for all the reasons you mentioned. The most dangerous acts are the ones people need the most reliable information on.

      ‘If we don’t give people information, they won’t do things!’

      No… they’ll do it… and possibly die…

      Or just wind up psychologically or physically scarred. Choose whichever of those options is worse.

      You can’t be kinky and apolitical. That is not an option. Sorry if that bums people out. But all of your information and places to go and education and entertainment are regulated by politics. RAWR

      Haha to people checking to be sure you were alive.

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