App Review: Kinkd

Brief Description: Tinder-like app for kinky people with the least-helpful website known to mankind.

Cost: Free (?)

Platforms: iOS, Android

Websites: &

Features: Pattern lock. Filterable search feature. Messaging system.

Will work best for: People looking for hookups or chatting about kink. Probably one-handed, based on the spelling.

Gender, Orientation and Role Options: The options for choosing your gender are Man, Woman, Couple, TS/TV/TGs, Other, which was a little offensive, to say the least. (Do no FtM individuals use the site?)

There are no options for orientation, which was really interesting. You choose if you’re looking for a woman, man, couple, transgender person or other, but never identify whether or not you’re straight/bi/gay/lesbian/asexual or anything else.

In terms of roles—there are a decent number. Most people should be able to tick at least one box, if not more. And there’s the ever-popular ‘kinkster’ if nothing else fits.

Genders you can designate yourself as or look for. Pictured: Problematic.

User Experience: I downloaded this app when it was first released some months ago and filled out my profile. Hook up apps are not my thing, but I like to know what’s out there so I can give other people informed opinions and I thought at the very least I’d meet someone who was interested in what I was and we could chat.

Au contraire. The ‘very least’ are people who don’t fill out profiles with complete sentences, choosing rather to respond to:

My role & Looking for:

With a complete list of every possible role out there without indicating which one they are and which one they are seeking.

This is where the ‘Tinder’ aspect comes in, yes? It’s not so much about words. You have photos of yourself (like KNKI, public photos must adhere to app store decency guidelines) and look at photos of other people and tick whether you like the look of that person or not. If they like the look of you, the app matches you and you can chat.

You can also set some photos to ‘private’ and those photos can only be seen by people you allow to see them. Those photos can be of whatever content you’d like.

My profile. I do like the cleanliness of the design.

There’s a second button at the bottom of the screen called Moments. It’s a feed of the most recent updates—newly uploaded public photos and status messages that can be liked and commented on.

The middle button is for searching and will allow you to filter pretty well.

Then there’s the messaging system, which I’m sure works fine. I didn’t use it because I hadn’t connected with anyone on the site and no one had chosen to message me—if you use the app and there’s something wonky about the messaging system, please leave a comment. Here. Not on in my messages.

In the search options, users can filter by gender sought (which are the same as the genders you can choose to identify as), age range, location and then only show profiles that have photos—but only if you’re a ‘gold member’. Which, apparently, I am. I don’t know how I became so designated—perhaps because I use complete sentences and proper punctuation in my profile.

It wasn’t because I’d paid—I hadn’t—and the app isn’t listed as having in-app purchases on the app store.

I couldn’t find information on it on their website, but I couldn’t find any useful information on their website.

The website that comes up when searching from a search engine is, but the developer website through the app store is The latter says they approve all profiles manually, though there is no mention of this on the former site.

Fair dues, there’s not much mention of anything on the main site. I went to the ‘Press’ link and was invited to download the press kit from Dropbox. That’s new.

[Update: After posting this review, a woman contacted me to ask if I was looking for a Dominant—she lived in another country so it wasn’t what I was looking for. However, this was radically different from my experience with the KNKI app, where I was nearly immediately contacted by a few random guys with no knowledge of internet etiquette or ability to read a bio.]

Overall: If the people on Tinder are too vanilla, give this a go. You’re probably not going to find the love of your life (but maybe you will!)

Or maybe you’ll find someone whose role is and they’re looking for: Dominant, Domme, Master, Mistress, Switch, Submissive, Slave, Fetishist, Kinkster, Pet, Bottom, Sadist, Masochist, Sadomasochist, Ageplayer, Daddy


Seriously, I’d probably recommend KNKI over this one, but both of them seem to have difficulty recommending people within close-range of the user–I saw people complaining about this in the feed on Kinkd.

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