Periodicals: Censorship and Penetration

Books (queer and feminist): Autostraddle has a list of the best queer and feminist books from 2016. Dammit–tempting me with an Anne Carson I’ve been trying to avoid spending money on.

Dominants (being a good one): KinkAcademy has a great guide for what to do when you make a mistake –because all Dominants will make a mistake eventually.

Drag (and ballet): The world’s only drag ballet (which has been around since 1974) challenges gender roles while making people laugh. If they ever come to England I’m going to see these guys.

Gender (presentation of): When you’re a queer lady, it’s hammered into you that your nails have to be short. Formidable Femme says hell no to that in a piece about why she loves her long nails and the journey she took to get to that point. It made me want to grow my nails out again.

Porn (censorship, UK): As the digital economy bill drags on, the free speech advocate for the UN, David Kaye, has warned that, if it continues the way it’s been proposed, it’s a big, fat violation of privacy and international human rights law.

Porn (censorship, USA): Oh boy. Many states are trying to pull this nonsense. They want to classify anything that can host the internet a ‘porn vending machine’ and tell you what you can and cannot see on it. Is your state one of 26 attempting to pass this insanity?

Sex Advice (Positions): Girl on the Net offers some extremely useful (and hilarious) tips on 10 Positions to Not Have Sex In. As an asexual, I appreciated a list I could identify with.

Sex Education: In France, they’re using 3D printed models of the clitoris to teach about anatomy. What?! Lucky bastards.

Sex (definitions): How do you define sex? Does it have to include penetration? Do you think our culture has too rigid of standards around the definition?

Toys (travelling with): KinkAcademy offers some excellent advice on how to travel with a variety of kink gear and sex toys. From how to pack fetish clothing to what to check vs what’s safe to carry on.

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