Podcast Review: Kink Craft

Type of Podcast: BDSM toy-makers discuss the weekly post from their blog, as well as current events.

The Hosts: Pixie and Andrew

Length of Episodes: 30-45 mins

Post Frequency: Weekly

Current Number of Episodes: 32

Number of Episodes I’ve listened to: 11

Review: The Kink Craft podcast (available on iTunes, libsyn and the Kink Craft site, which I reviewed last week) complements the blog posts on the site. The blog posts one paid-for article written by any number of sex bloggers and pertains to kink or sex. During the podcast, the hosts discuss the article of the week and what they each thought about the subject.

Prior to that, they talk about current events, which generally turns into a rant because, let’s face it, events that are currently happening are rant-worthy. The hosts are open-minded and accepting of all sorts of people and proclivities, so the grumpiness is generally directed at people (and laws) that are not open-minded and accepting.

Andrew sounds a bit like Jonathan Ross, which is amusing, and Pixie is from New Zealand so it’s an interesting combination to listen to.

Unlike most sex or kink-based podcasts, the hosts don’t discuss their own proclivities (or they didn’t in the episodes I listened to, at least). So if you’re looking for a show that’s about personal experiences with kink or sex, this one will not be for you. If you’re looking for two people being completely honest about their thoughts on a variety of topics of interest to kinky or sexually adventurous people then you may want to check out the show.

[I’m not saying they should open up about their lives if they don’t want to—everyone should feel free to share as much or as little as they’d like with their audience. This is simply an observation of the content of the episodes.]

Speaking of content—the topic of any given episode can be lighter, like recommendations for sexy books to read over the winter, practical like what it’s like being a sex blogger or a sex toy reviewer, or heavier like the UK Porn laws or female genital mutilation. The heaviness of that last one is rare in their shows, but they don’t shy away from discussing weighty subjects.

The hosts are personable, though opinionated, and Andrew makes me laugh out loud nearly every episode. Pixie often works out her thoughts on a subject aloud so she’ll start with one view and talk herself into a different view, which is hilarious and endearing. Some people write down their ideas to work out how they feel, other people start a podcast and talk their way through it.

They record the show on two mics in stereo so when listening, one host will be in one ear and the other will be in the other. There’s a little bleed through, as one mic will catch the other person talking, but it would be difficult to listen to the show if a person had hearing loss in one ear. The hosts are aware of this and are considering how to deal with it.

Overall, it’s a fun show that can give listeners something to think about, whether they’re talking about feminism and submission, how to make your own porn or what makes socks sexy.

Rating: 4/5


  • Thanks for reviewing the podcast, always a little worrying when someone does that. You know putting yourself out there for others to critique is always nerve wrecking. So thank you for the review, got to fix some issues now LOL

    • thepageist says:

      Well, I try to be fair but honest and your show is a fun (and thought-provoking) one. I completely agree on the putting-yourself-out-there-is-terrifying thing.

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