Periodicals: Condoms for Sex Toys and Real Sex in Film

Brothels (Amsterdam):This article about the reality of being a window brothel owner in Amsterdam will open your eyes. And possibly turn your stomach.

E-stimulation (or, Electricity can be sexy!): If you’re curious, intrigued or just plain confused about what electrostimulation is, JoEllen Notte has an article on Kinkly about the four best gadgets to get you started, depending on what you’re looking for from the experience.

Family Law and Non-Traditional Lifestyles (US): If your blood pressure is a little low have a read of this article by Neil McArthur on Vice about how family courts in the U.S. punish kinky and other non-traditional parents.

Films (real sex): There are more (sorta) mainstream films that include unsimulated sex than you’d think. This slideshow from OtherBuzz lists 36 of them. I’ll be reviewing many of these on the site in the upcoming months.

Porn Laws (UK): The porn laws in the U.K. are even more complicated, ridiculous and annoying than I originally realised. This article by Screw Taboo on KinkCraft breaks down a great deal of information and includes links to further info, if you’d like to learn more.

Sex Toys (silicone and safer sex): Curious about something for my personal life (ahem), I did a bit of research about what condoms were safe to use with silicone toys. One particularly useful article that arrived on the scene was this one from CondomDepot. It explains why condoms are a good idea, what can go wrong when using them with sex toys and includes a list of silicone-safe condoms to try.

STIs/STDs (level-headed advice): Oh Joy Sex Toy’s comic this week is all about STI/STD testing–why it’s important and why being diagnosed with something isn’t the end of the world.


  • Just to drop a knowledge bomb on the subject of silicone free condoms (I use a silicone based cap called caya for contraception so have to be super careful about silicone lube etc). A lot of those on the article’s safe list are mostly American brands and are very pricey to get in the UK. The Durex ones I looked into I couldn’t tell if they were definitely silicone free any more – no ingredients list and on love honey they seem to suggest they now might have silicone in.

    Also it kinda sucks to be limited to one or two types (I.e. sensitive) so here is my knowledge bomb:

    In the UK SKINS (not skyns) condoms are ALL water based. Their whole line is safe to use. I know this because I wrote to them and asked (and seriously their customer service? Mind blowing. Someone replied in under 2 hours and offered to send me a sample bag so I could try their whole range when they learned why I was asking. 10/10). They are cheaper than durex but can also bulk buy skins on amazon. I think I paid £18 for 72 condoms the last time I ordered. They do flavours, ribbed, ex large, sensitive – all you’d expect from a good range!

    • thepageist says:

      Knowledge bombs are the best kind!
      All of this is useful information, thank you so much.
      Having moved to the UK, I’ve learned just how US-centric much of the internet is–see the list of condoms that are, apparently, all from US manufacturers.
      I will check out SKINS!

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