Meditations for submissives 004

I’m reviving this feature for 2017 as a way to help re-focus myself on my own submission. On the first Sunday of each month I’ll post an entry from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations that would make for a good journal prompt for s-types. If not a journal prompt then just sound advice for all people interested in living a more balanced life.

For an in-depth explanation of this type of post and why I chose this book, see the first post. Others in the series are here and here.

When appropriate, I omit references that are specific to the time period (prior to the year 200) and would have no meaning or use to anyone except scholars, keeping only the lessons that are applicable today.

This month’s entry is part of Book One, Entry Six.

From the Penguin Great Ideas (Maxwell Stanisforth) translation:

…I learned not to be absorbed in trivial pursuits; to be sceptical of wizards and wonder-workers with their tales of spells, exorcisms, and the like; to eschew cockfighting and other such distractions; not to resent outspokenness…

In short, focus on what’s important (stop fiddling with your phone), don’t be taken in by con-men, are sports really that important? and don’t get upset with people who say what they think. Some of them have podcasts, after all.

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