The Pageist is on Patreon

It gives me enormous pleasure to officially launch the Patreon for the Pageist podcast and website. The page has been up for a couple weeks, but we finally have a video and are ready to get the word out.

I started this site in May 2015 as a way of recording my thoughts on my recently realised kinkiness and the books, film and other media I planned to consume while learning about this side of myself.

After discovering a couple of podcasts that taught me a great deal, I started my own show specifically about books and quickly knew this was what I wanted to do with my life–help the sexually adventurous find the media (apps, films, books, websites, games, etc) they’d most connect with while also letting them know they weren’t alone and were accepted for who they were. All the while writing ridiculous run-on sentences.

Discovering I was kinky changed my life overnight for the better and I want to give that back to the community. My Patron goals (listed in full on the site) revolve mostly around supporting sex educators, content creators and other members of the community while finding content to share with my supporters.

Rewards for supporters are also listed and include a range of treats for every budget.

Anything you can afford is appreciated. Thank you!

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