Podcast Review: Intellectual Foreplay



Type of Podcast: A non-monogamous couple in a long-term relationship discuss various aspects of swinging, polyamory, kink and other topics of that nature.

The Hosts: Intellectual Foreplay is hosted by Ginger and The Prof who, like Dan and dawn of Erotic Awakening, sound younger than they are. By their voices I would have put them in their mid-twenties. Then they mentioned having been together twenty years.

Being fulfilled sexually keeps you young. Spread the word.

Length of Episodes: 30 mins or so.

Current Number of Episodes: 13. Not currently being produced.

Number of Episodes I’ve listened to: All of them. I hope they return.

Review: Ginger and The Prof love having sex with one another and with other people, but they also think a lot and deeply about sex and desire and relationships and talk about those topics intelligently. Their conversations are often in bed in the dark. Every episode gives me something new to think about—either because I hadn’t heard of something they bring up before or because I hadn’t thought about a certain topic in a particular way.

The show is part of the Swingset.fm network, which has several other podcasts on non-monogamy, sex positivity and so forth, if you’re looking for more smart sexiness after this one.

Rating: 5/5 if you’re looking to explore your sapiosexual side.

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