Site Review: The Cage


[Full disclosure—I advertise my podcast on The Cage in exchange for mentioning it on the show. This review will cover both pros and cons of the site. I wouldn’t support the site if I didn’t believe it had something to offer the community.]

The Cage is a new (started in early 2016) social media site for kinky people. The owners already have a successful version in Israel and decided to expand to an English-speaking market.


Classifieds. If you’re looking for a date, a D-type or someone who’s just DTF, head right over there. No reason to spread the unsolicited junk shots all over. Handy!

Forums. It’s phpbb style forums, which I think everyone on Creation will agree is an improvement over some other places.

Personal blogs. Make your own and follow other people’s. You can save drafts of your posts, which makes me happy, because that’s not possible other places and if you’re working on a long piece and want to save it for safety or to finish later, well too bad.

An events calendar. This could be improved upon. Currently, it shows all events happening and who’s going. At the moment, there aren’t a large number of members so it’s not a big deal, but once there’s a substantial number, wading through events for places in the entire English-speaking world will be… time-consuming.

It's very pretty, though.

It’s very pretty, though.

A magazine section for information and resources about BDSM that anyone can contribute to. (We’ll see how that develops as membership grows. It’ll be difficult to maintain quality/accuracy once enough people are submitting pieces.)

A chatroom. I haven’t used this yet and so can’t speak to how well it works, but it’s there if you enjoy chatting with other kinky people.

A podcast section. I had no idea how many kink-based podcasts there were out there. I’ve discovered several new ones and it’s amazing!

Two themes—a blue/dark grey and a red/dark grey.

Search for people based on specific information like their role, gender or location.

It looks great on mobile. Holy crap. Something that works on mobile, sakes alive.

Membership is free and open.


You can ignore people, but not report them.

The site isn’t yet as inclusive or offers as many roles or relationship options as other places. But the owners actually respond to suggestions (go tell it on the mountaintop!) so it’s worth the investment to join and ask for what would make you feel welcome. The more people who ask for the same things (an expanded number of role types, for example) the more likely they are to move that to the top of their priorities.

Current options both for bio and searches.

Current options both for bio and searches.

Eff if I Know

There isn’t an area for local groups (yet?) I don’t know what plans there are for the future. The English-speaking world is vast so people near one another may want to have their own group to plan local events.

Ditto to photos and videos. You can add images to posts in your blog, but currently there are no photo albums in individual profiles. Making it so a user could rearrange their photos—dare anyone dream?

I also don’t see a way to add videos, though I believe they mentioned planning to add that feature in the future during an interview on an episode of Perverted Podcast.

A Word About Membership & Community

They currently have around 1500 members and are growing slowly.

Like any place based on community—it is what you make of it. In order for it to succeed, people need to show up and make conversation, start blogs and read other blogs, contribute to the magazine, post classifieds, etc. Some people want to wait until the site has more members and more traffic—that’s not how it works. You become the traffic.

If you’re tired of the popularity contests, if you want to meet new people and have new conversations in a (much) more organised format, give The Cage a try. Bring your friends so they can meet new people, as well. I genuinely do not care if you listen to my show—turn on adblocker so you don’t have to see my ad for all I care.

I would, however, love to have conversations and blogs to read and more people to interact with. If you join the site, find me here, feel free to add me to your contacts.

You can also follow the site on Twitter, they post some pretty interesting articles: @thecageco

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