Episode 027: Life Leather and Happiness

Episode the Twenty-Seventh; Wherein the pageist settles into her new home, adapts to a new way of life and learns all about Leather in all its forms. The book reviewed this episode is Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness: Life, History and Culture in the Leather/BDSM/Fetish Community by Steve Lenius.

.51 Intro and Announcements:

  • An FB like from Jeff! Also a super nice thing from a service oriented submissive who wishes there were more episodes of the show. I’m working on it and have no plans to go anywhere any time soon.
  • A survey response from a very kind listener. The anonymous survey can be taken here.
  • The show now has listeners in Iran and Kuwait.

5.12 My Submissive Life:

  • The March 13, 2016 Ropecast episode where Gray discussed educational opportunities, as well as why having experience doesn’t make one impervious to mistakes is somewhere on iTunes and other places where podcasts are available. Apologies for not being able to link to it.
  • See if there is a GRUE (Graydancer’s Rope Unconference Extravaganza) coming to a city near you here.
  • The My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast has been keeping us entertained while unpacking. Find my review of it here.
    If you’d like to order the book the cast has written, the link is here.

12.11 Review:

  • Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness by Steve Lenius. A collection of essays, reviews and articles by the author from Lavender magazine and other places, concerning Leather, BDSM and fetish culture. It’s an excellent resource for anyone curious about the history of the lifestyle and the way it’s evolving.
  • The accompanying website, Life, Leather, Pursuit is here
  • Two links to Robert Bienvenu’s doctoral thesis will appear on thepageist.com when I can locate them. There’s a physical version at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago if you’d like to visit it in person, though.

31.13 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be talking about Kink in Film: The good, the bad and the sexy.
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