Collective Nouns for Kinksters

What do you call a group of kinksters? A munch?

I’ve been thinking about collective nouns in the animal kingdom (names of groups of animals) and how it might be applied to kinky people. Some terms describe physical groups of things like a herd of antelope, a band of coyotes or a gang of turkeys. While many others are less physical like a murder of crows, an unkindness of ravens and a plague of grackles. For many more names of groupings of animals, check here.

If we use the animal kingdom as inspiration for naming of groups in the kink world, then we can use anything to describe a collection of any particular set of kinksters.

Here are my ideas; I know I’m missing several. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

A KNEEL! Of Dom/mes.
An Indecision of submissives.
A Tiara of princesses.
A No! Of brats.
A Cackle of sadists.
A Welt of Masochists.
A Wag of puppies.
A Lolly of littles.
A Spank of Daddy/Mommy Dom/mes.
A Boot of Masters.
A Whip of Mistresses.
A Collar of slaves.
A Change of ABDLs.
A Duster of service submissives.
A Lark of riggers.
A Fly of rope bottoms.
A Tangle of rope people.
A Squeak of rubber fetishists.
A Whalebone of waist-trainers.
A Pedicure of foot worshippers.
A Pollock of sploshers.
A Cenobite of CBT enthusiasts (or other genitorturers).
A Smear of boot blacks.
A Creak of leatherpeople.

Look at these guys. They can't *blink* without everyone hearing them. (source)

Look at these guys. They can’t *blink* without everyone hearing them. (source)

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