Episode 017 Female Led Relationships

Episode the Seventeenth; Wherein the Pageist learns the importance of sticking to her diet in her dotage, but doesn’t allow ageing to dampen her love of coloring books. This week’s book reviews are a trilogy of non-fiction books about Female Led Relationships by NookieNotes.

0.53 Intro & Announcements:

2.42 My Submissive Life:

  • This episode I’m talking about GERD and the importance of sticking to your diet. Not exactly kinky, but you can’t do the fun stuff if you’re ill.
  • Also, ginger tea is good for GERD and can be used in role play, if you’d like a pleasant smelling/tasting substitute for actual urine.

6.31 Book Reviews:

  • She Makes the Rules: Create the FLR (Female Led Relationship) of His and Her Dreams by Nookie. The first book in the series concerns the basics of FLRs. Why people may want one and how to begin building an FLR. She’s careful to stress there doesn’t have to be any kink involved.
  • She’s in Control: A Guide to Finding and Developing Your Lover’s Inner Domme by MsNN. This one is geared towards D/s relationships with a female in control and a male in the submissive role.
  • Slave to Her Whim: A Guide to Finding Your Passion and Freedom in Total Power Exchange by Nookie. As the title suggests, this one is aimed at people interested in M/s style relationships with a woman in charge. (The book is currently off Amazon for editing, but I’ll add the link once it’s available again.)
  • The author’s Fet Profile is here.
  • Episode 13 of The Pageist, with a review of Paradigms of Power and a discussion of being an s-type without being submissive–a theory espoused by Dr Bob Reubel.
  • The People of Kink Episode 201: Approaching a Dominant with AliceinBondageland

31.13 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be interviewing the author of this episode’s books.
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