Anarchy in the UK — Sex Pistols

Our friends across the pond having been making some ‘interesting’ decisions of late, so this seems apropos.

Between the people choosing to vote Leave who didn’t actually mean it and were surprised their vote counted, to the pound plummeting to a thirty-year low, to the Prime Minister resigning, followed by a fair portion of the shadow cabinet

It’s all right, though, because the people who sold the Leave campaign have already admitted they lied about everything to get what they wanted.

Nicola Sturgeon has stepped up like the badass she is, though, and is leading Scotland to independence from England and right into the EU. Women keep it together in a crisis.

(And that petition to call a second referendum won’t fly. You have to have the rules to call it in place before the first referendum is held. Unfortunately. Brexit is done.)

What I’m saying is: ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is the song of the moment. Normally I’m not into sploshing, but a giant pit full of mud and punk playing at sternum-rattling levels and I think we’re onto something.

‘Anarchy in the UK’

by Glen Matlock, John Lydon, Paul Thomas Cook, Stephen Philip Jones

Right now ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
I am an anti-Christ
I am an anarchist
Don’t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I want to destroy the passerby

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
No dogs body

Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line
Your future dream has sure been seen through

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best, I use the rest
I use the N.M.E.
I use anarchy

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
Its the only way to be

Is this the MPLA
Or is this the UDA
Or is this the IRA
I thought it was the U.K.
Or just another country
Another council tenancy

I want to be anarchy
And I want to be anarchy
(Oh what a name)
And I want to be an anarchist
(I get pissed, destroy!)

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