The Saddest Thing About Dick Pics with Ferrett Steinmetz

Dick pics. Cock Shots. Digital photography and the means to send said digital photographs to anyone with an internet connection instantly means lots of women (and men, probably) have seen a LOT of unsolicited peen.

There have been discussions galore about why on Earth senders would choose to do this. Nina Hartley thinks it has to do with the fact that, to these men, their penises are nothing but wondrous things and so, surely, others will see them as wondrous things of happiness as well.

A sort of sharing the joy type of deal.

Then there’s the lazy exhibitionist theory–wherein the sendee gets everything they need out of the situation merely from sending a photo of his junk. He doesn’t expect a response–he just likes knowing someone has seen it against their will. If it’s made that person uncomfortable then all the better.

This week’s mentor post is from The Ferrett. Original post on Fetlife here. In it he brings up an entirely new view on the unsolicited peen pic.

[And I do mean unsolicited. If it’s requested and everyone’s onboard for some naughty time, then go for it.]

The Saddest Thing About Dick Pics

The dick pic is part of a balanced breakfast – or should be, anyway. Hey, you know, women show their breasts, men should be able to show their cocks. All’s a good turn-on.

The problem is, you have an entire swath of mankind who seem convinced their dick is the best part of them.

Seriously. These are some sad brainwashed motherfuckers. They’ve been brainwashed by society’s ridiculous emphasis on the penis that they have, literally, chosen to reduce themselves to a penis in the mistaken belief that a penis is what people want.

And who can blame ’em? When you look at the sad stew of sexual advice men get, it’s this toxic mix of ideas that you have to have a gigantic penis, and the penis has to always be hard, and women want the penis more than anything else, and you can tell whether you’re better than another guy by the penis.

These guys ingest this toxic crap until, literally, they come to believe that their penis is them.

They’re baring their soul to you, and their soul is a half-hard cock.

How pathetic is that?

And it’s not that women shouldn’t be annoyed to get Yet Another Dick Pic, but when you break it down that message is frequently a way of saying, “I believe that the only thing anyone could find desirable about me is this organ.” It’s a hideous reductiveness that carves away their charm, carves away their face, carves away their hobbies –

And they have carved it away themselves. These poor schmucks have so bought into this male-centric penis worship that literally encourages them to self-erase. The only way they believe they can get satisfying sex is to either make this cock bigger or harder or both – and in many cases, they literally don’t realize how common dicks are. They’re baffled because hey, I showed a dick, why aren’t you running to come get it like in the James Bond movies and pornos?

And look. I send cock picks out all the time. And 99% of the time, these pictures are welcomed because I have provided context of me as a human being – here’s who I am, here’s how I can turn you on, here’s a cock for you to think about.

I’m not against dick pics, I am against dick pics as the sole introduction to another human being.

The dick pics are annoying. But they’re also a syndrome of how poorly we educate dudes. Somewhere out there, there’s a message broadcasting the wave of You are your cock your cock is you, and the fact that anyone is buying into this – let alone millions of dudes – is fucking terrifying.

If you’re not on Fetlife, The Ferrett also has a blog where you can read his writing.

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