Episode 012 Different Loving & Different Loving Too

Episode the Twelfth; wherein the Pageist is glad to be back, talks about two sexy new maps in her life and two sexy books she’s read.

00.35 Intro & Announcements:

  • Two new Facebook likes and two new iTunes ratings (mwah! mwah!)
  • Also, a new response to the listener survey. Many thanks to you.
  • The new theme is by Count Boogie from Perverted Podcast–thank you!

2.00 My Submissive Life:

  • The show has a listener map of all the places people hear The Pageist from. You can check it out here.
  • And speaking of maps, I made my first sex map, of all the kinky places I’d like to visit eventually one day. More info on Franklin Veaux’s map of human sexuality (as well as what mine looks like and how to make your own) here.

5.30 Book Reviews:

The books reviewed in this episode are Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by Gloria Brame, William Brame and Jon Jacobs and Different Loving Too: Real People, Real Lives, Real BDSM by Dr Gloria Brame and William Brame.

The first was published in 1993 and was the first book to attempt to show what a wide array of kinksters got up to through interviews, quotes and historical context.

The second was published in 2015 and catches up with some of the original interviewees, but also canvasses newer players about practices and desires. The difference in the scene between the two books is remarkable.

27.05 Closing Remarks:

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