Episode 011 The Pageist Talks Porn

Episode the Eleventh: Wherein The Pageist talks porn: lesbian porn, BDSM porn, porn for men… no book review this week, though, as she is preparing for a more involved episode about two books by Gloria Brame.

00.55 Intro & Announcements:

  • The Facebook page has two new likes: Welcome to Brian and Jiz Lee.
  • Also welcome to new members of The Pageist Fetlife Group
  • There are a couple discussions up over there about books that influenced your sexual and non-sexual life. A similar post is here. Join in–I’d love to hear what books captured your imaginations.
  • Also through the Fet group, I learned that Android users can listen to The Pageist using the free app: Podcast & Radio Addict. Thank you, lovecrafthobbit, for the tip.
  • Power Exchange Summit is a month away! AAH!
  • I love sex toy review sites and have found a new one: A Couple of Kinks.
  • Speaking of sex toys and reviews of them, Hey Epiphora reviewed some Hole Punch Toys. Double win!
  • After loving the digital version of Playing Well with Others (reviewed in Episode 002) I bought the physical version and, as I suspected, it is superior to the ebook edition. I love ebooks, but this one should be read in the physical version.

6.40 Segment One: Lesbian Porn

21.00 Segment Two: Porn for Men

  • Original writing here.

23.25 Segment Three: Finding Porn Pre-Internet

27.15 Segment Four: BDSM Porn & Lesbians on Kink.com

31.20 Closing Remarks:

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