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A friend of mine, who I’ll call Ethel, recently sent me this message:

I became interested in anthropology after reading Clan of the Cave Bear, which is incredibly gratuitously porny, at age 12.
As a kid with no interest in sex I hated the sex scenes, but was FASCINATED by the idea of speculative fiction based on paleoarchaeological information.
In college, studying archaeology, I learned that several of my fellow students had the same story. They too sheepishly traced their first interest to Clan of the Cave Bear.
1, I’d love for you to review Clan of the Cave Bear.
2, I’d love for you to share the above as a conversation starter. Do you have any listeners with the same experience? Anyone else have a similar experience with a dirty book that ended up guiding, or at least foreshadowing, a direction in their nonsexual life?

So I will be reviewing Clan of the Cave Bear, but I also thought that was an interesting question.

I didn’t really read straight up ‘sexy’ books when I was younger. When I read erotica it was collections of short stories and those didn’t lend themselves to developing an interest in the surrounding world or profession of the characters.

Have you read any sexy books that led you to pursue vanilla hobbies?

You may leave a comment below or the Fetlife Group discussion for that particular topic is here: Sexy Books That Inspired Your Non-Sexy Life.

That Sleeping Beauty book just made me want to be a mattress tester... wearing a chastity belt. (source)

That Sleeping Beauty book just made me want to be a mattress tester… wearing a chastity belt. (source)

That got me thinking, though, about the sexier books–or sexier scenes in books–and how they informed who we are sexually or kinkily. Even in books that aren’t supposed to be about kink things can happen that will set a kinkster’s senses tingling.

A person can fetishize a particular item of clothing worn by a particular sort of person and if that’s mentioned in a book that passage will become imprinted on the reader’s brain. And that can happen long before they know anything about their kink or sexuality.

So I’m also curious about books that informed your sexuality or that you look back on and think, ‘Well, it’s obvious now.’

I always relished being teacher’s pet and since service and power exchange have always been more important than anything else I had a crush on Professor McGonagall. She’d make an excellent Mistress.

I also had a thing for Lady Dedlock in Bleak House. Stately women do it for me.

It was never about sex, though, because it never is with me, I just wanted to be special to them and to fetch and carry and make their lives easier.

So, looking back, what books (explicitly sexy/kinky or not) made you into the upstanding individual you are? What books or scenes or moments foreshadowed your salacious interests?

Feel free to respond here or in the Fet group discussion on the topic. Which is here: Books That Inspired Your Sexual/Kinky Self.

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