Episode 009 Sunstone

Episode the Ninth; Wherein the Pageist deals with some heavy irony and learns who her friends are, passes on some important information to her listeners and reviews books full of pretty paintings of kinky lesbians.

00.55 Intro & Announcements:

  • I guest hosted an episode of The People of Kink as part of multiple shows on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network guest hosting one episode of another show on the network. The episode aired after I recorded this episode so here is the link. I had a blast!
  • After gaining a listener in the CAR, the podcast is now in six continents. Also, someone in Mexico listened to all eight episodes in one day. Also, I speak French at you. Sorta.
  • People have been responding to the Listener Survey and I am grateful. I love learning about my listeners.
  • Early Bird Tickets for Power Exchange Summit are on sale until April 2. Tickets are half sold out. If you want to improve your power exchange relationship or are just curious about them, it’s the place to be. The conference is May 27th-29th.
  • Two of the vendors at PXS will be Mr Malaprop who makes some delightfully devious items like butt hammers and wicked sticks and Bastard Ropes. Both of whom I shall be patronizing in Ohio in May.
  • Get 10% off books by Cooper S. Beckett if you use the code pageist at alifelessmonogamous.com or mylifeontheswingset.com

5.30 My Submissive Life

This episode’s topic is the fun of a (very) unexpected HPV diagnosis. I go about it with humor and facts.

Information about HPV:

20.20 Book Review

The book reviewed in this episode is Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic (pronounced Stephen). Which is the first four volumes of a comic about Allison and Lisa, two women exploring kink together. One has a little more experience and a great deal of gear. The comics involves both of the women and the people important to their lives.

The series is still ongoing and is free-to-read on DeviantArt here, though I explain on the podcast why you may prefer the physical copies.

Sunstone: Volume One
Sunstone: Volume Two
Sunstone: Volume Three
Sunstone: Volume Four

31.20 Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll review… I’m not sure yet… I’m reading several books.
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