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  • Drut says:

    One night I decided to tie my wife up. We’d play around with some bondage off and on, and I had made some gear from bike inner tubes because of the cost of ‘real’ gear. This included ankle and wrist restraints, a restraint belt, straps to use to bind with and a ball gag harness. What more do you need?

    So I crossed her arms behind her back and tied her wrist to her arms just above the elbows. Then I buckled the belt around her waist and made her kneel on the bed and tied her ankles to the belt, so that she had to stay kneeling but could, with some effort, move around. Then I kissed her good, sucking her tongue into my mouth, then put the gag harness on her head. Then I tied the harness to her wrists so her head was tilted back.

    I licked and kissed her tummy, her neck, and sucked her tits. I licked her lips stretched around the gag, kissed and licked her throat, then back to her tits. Just for the hell of it, I tied them up too using extra straps. I licked her armpits, the backs of her arms, and fingered her. Then I lay down with my head between her legs, facing away, so that she was kneeling, or sitting on my face, and I went down on her. She was wet, so so wet. She was quick to cum, so then I moved so my hips were next to her knees and I said “Get on top” which she did with a lot of effort. I let my cock slide into her and commanded that she ride it. She did, and it popped out a couple of times, but I held it and she slipped it back in. She came, then I did, then I tied her vibrator between her legs and got hard again watching her squirm, That led to a removal of the gag and a sixty-nine with her on top still all tied up. We came on each others faces, then I untied her and we cuddled.

    True story, I hope you enjoyed it.

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