Helen Mirren with Whip

I could have titled this post Helen Mirren with A whip, but Helen Mirren with whip sounds more artistic and this, ladies and gentlemen, is pure art:

If you just want to watch her break the set repeatedly:

Helen Mirren with whip

Both of these delightful pieces of media (and the story behind them) come from here.

And because I needed a still image for the related posts images to populate, here’s a bonus image of Helen checking out her waxwork cleavage at Madame Tussauds. I can’t tell if she’s looking down her double’s top or comparing for accuracy, but either way, it’s magical.

It's from the Daily Mail. But don't go there. They're terrible.

It’s from the Daily Mail. But don’t go there. They’re terrible.

Of course, Helen and I go way back, so it could just be me.

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