Episode 005 A Life Less Monogamous

Episode the Fifth; in which The Pageist discovers monogamy is neither for the characters in the novel she reads this week nor herself! She also discovers some fun sex toys and receives her first feedback.

00.55 Intro & Announcements:

  • I mentioned the gloriousness that is Power Exchange Summit (if you’re into power exchange) and pondered what I’m going to tell people I’m doing in Ohio. Perhaps looking at the Field of Corn sculpture. I’m sure everyone would buy that.
  • I also discussed my first feedback (people actually listen to the show!!) and talk about my new connection with Amazon. I’m holding off on getting too excited about my Amazon Affiliate status juuust yet. It’s complicated.

04.25 Diary Pages:

  • I talk about how Poly Isn’t Hard but yeah it kinda also is. But the Perverted Podcast people help make it a little easier to deal with. They talk about all sorts of other kinky things on their show–check them out. I finally get over my dislike of talking about the feels and discussed it and so the marriage over here is open and stuff.
  • Also mentioned in this segment was Hole Punch Toys because they are adorable and hilarious. And they’re dildos and butt plugs called hole punch toys. How great is that? I haven’t tried them but they come highly recommended by Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy and that’s good enough for me. (My personal fav is the Mother Interior.)

12.10 Book Review:

  • This episode’s book was A Life Less Monogamous by Cooper S. Beckett. Ryan and Jennifer Lambert are in a rut. A sex-free rut. Then they meet Paige and Bruce Shepard. The Shepards are vibrant and vital. They’re also swingers. They could be just what the Lamberts need to get their spark back. Or their relationship with the Shepards could destroy everything they have.
  • It’s a rom-com for married couples into other married couples.
  • I briefly mentioned the review of Gasper Noe’s Love from the previous week, as it was also about non-monogamy, though it took a decidedly grimmer view. Still, actual sex you can watch on Netflix. Classy porn.
  • Bonus: I mentioned a vanilla book if you’re into fiction that can give you a contact high from reading about people drinking all the time. Conversations with Spirits by E.O. Higgins. It was one of the best books I read in 2015.
  • Beckett’s website is Life on the Swingset. Lots of information here about swinging and poly and sexy sex.

26.20 Sexy Section

  • An entire chapter of sexiness.

37.20 Meditations for submissives

  • This selection concerned keeping your mind on what’s important rather than allowing outside distractions to pull your focus away from what you should be doing. Here’s a link to the text.

40.15 Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • The next episode will include a review of The Slave–the second book in Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series as well as reflections on my first full year being kinky. My kinkiversary was a good time.
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