Episode 004 Spanking for Lovers

Episode the Fourth. In which The Pageist registers for her first kinky conference, talks about why books are her BFFs and learns a whole dang bunch about spanking.

00.00 Intro & Announcements

  • I corrected some info about the Philly GRUE–which actually begins the night before the dates I’ve been stating with a meet and greet. Have a link!
  • The podcast received its first Facebook like. This was a big moment for me.

00.45 Diary Pages

  • I talked a bit about signing up for my first kink-based conference Power Exchange Summit, which is a yearly event for people in (and interested in) power exchange dynamics. I’m so excited!
  • After giving a bit of my background in books–working in book shops and how the publishing industry works–I explained my philosophy of book reviews. Short version: I’m not going to lie to you.

08.30 Book Review

  • This episode’s review is Janet W. Hardy’s Spanking for Lovers. It went on a little longer than usual because she had a lot of (good and sexy) things to say about the topic.
  • Support The Pageist! Order the book through this link and the site/podcast benefits, as well.

33.00 Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • The next episode will include a review of Cooper S. Beckett’s A Life Less Monogamous, as well as some revelations about my own life.
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