Leather Ever After

This is the text of the book review from the previous episode of The Pageist for people who prefer to read their book reviews.

This episode’s book falls under the Paige is on Top category of books, as it’s somewhat recent having been released in 2013. Look at me, reading something written within the last five years! Much modern! So wow! It’s Leather Ever After: An Anthology of Kinky Fairy Tales, which is edited by Sassafras Lowrey. It has a foreword by Laura Antoniou because of course it does—that woman is everywhere (it’s not a criticism, I just hope she’s getting enough sleep. I worry, you know?)

I read one or two before bed—as you do with fairy tales—and it’s the perfect set of bedtime stories. Lots of different kinks are covered and many were not my kinks, but they were all well-written and still hot.

Lee Harrington has a story—someone else I really hope is getting enough rest. As do other established writers of the kinky words, as well as some newcomers.

One of them–‘Down Under’ by Raven Kaldera I recognized neither the story it was based on, nor the kink—perhaps sploshing? But it was fucking HOT. There’s needle play, knife play, blood play, boot worship, branding, electricity play, and no collection of BDSM stories would be complete without spanking and bondage. And some hard fucking. Oh, the hard fucking.

The Rapunzel-based story ‘Hair Like Gold’ by Nalu Kalani was nearly one long sex scene—again, not a criticism, I was considering it for the section to read and realized I’d be reading the entire story. In it Rapunzel’s hair is her bondage. What makes her hair grow is delicious. What her savior has to do in order to release her is even more delicious.

Fairy tales covered include the Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, The Frog Prince, Cinderella and the Wicked Witch makes and appearance. You know, the Wicked Witch. The one who appears in everything. There’s only one and she’s perpetually battling the Good Witch in her various guises. But in Ali Oh’s ‘The Good Witch’ the Wicked Witch—this time in the form of Baba Yaga—gets more than she bargained for, as the Good Witch tries her hand at being bad and does as pretty good job of it. Much to the Wicked Witch’s delight.

In ‘Snow Fight’ by Rob Rosen two princes show up to save Snow White but end up more interested in one another. It’s a stand out…stand up? Story. Wowwee that one was good.

‘House of Sweets’ by Miss Lola Sunshine was about that person who takes up so much space at the dungeon because their scene is just that elaborate. But little Hansel and Gretel—they needed to learn their lesson about not eating stranger’s houses. It’s an important lesson.

‘The Seven Swan Princes’ by D.L. King was a beautiful retelling of The Six Swans with masochism worthy of original fairy tales (those things weren’t fluffy and sweet, let me tell you) and some sex magic thrown in.

Fans of The Marketplace will enjoy ‘Iron Henry’ by Karen Taylor, which had a similar tone and was very sexy. It was interesting to hear about the kink experience from a black male submissive point of view, which isn’t the typical p.o.v. presented…anywhere.
‘Lady Leporine’ by Mollena Williams will please anyone who’s dealt with ‘that guy’ in their local kink community. I found myself grinning, I must admit.

The sex is gay, straight, lesbian and whatever else is required at the time. There is cross-dressing and gender-fluidity, fairies and furries, Daddies and bootblacks, bears and FemDoms, and lots of magic. Just magic out the wazoo. Some are humorous and some are more somber in tone. All the stories belong.

The only quibble I have is with the number of typos, which was more than the usual number.

I still give this a 5 of 5—for excellent bedtime reading.

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