Blindfolds are Your Best Toy with JohnnyThrash

Oh, the toys available to tease and torment, delight and destroy your playmates. But JohnnyThrash is here to explain what the most important toy of them all is and why.

Why a Blindfold is by Far the Coolest Toy in Your Bag

Sensory deprivation is one of the coolest and most overlooked tricks in a tops repertoire. Maybe because we humans (especially us men) are such visual creatures, we often forget about the power of our imaginations.

I mean, it’s easy to right? Eye contact is sexy as hell..

But if you don’t have one already, let me tell you why you want to go out and get a good blindfold RIGHT NOW.

Seriously Mind Fuck Your Bottom

Using a blindfold is a powerful form of mental bondage. The instant you put one on your bottom she’s at your mercy in a way that all the rope in the world can’t achieve. You’ve completely taken away one of her five senses, drastically enhancing the remaining four.

Now she’s not just being topped by you, she’s being tag teamed by you and her own imagination. You’re in control of everything, and everything is a mystery to your bottom.

Her remaining senses can be used to twist her imagination any way you like. Weather it’s ecstasy, terror, or anything in between you want her to experience.

Think about your favourite horror film. Doesn’t the sound scape play a HUGE role in making that film so scary?

With a blindfold you can use her sense of touch to create intense anticipation, and even give her the sense that time has slowed down.

She’ll have no idea what’s coming next.

Deepen Sub Space

When you put a blindfold on your bottom, in a way you are taking her out of reality. For some bottoms this can propel her into, and intensify the hypnotic trance like state of subspace.

You can even use candles and aromatherapy to calm her nerves.

Subspace and sensory deprivation are both very powerful. So when playing with a blindfold trust and check-ins become even more crucial.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Looking Cool Anymore

Aside from giving the top an heightened sense of power and control, If you’re using a blindfold during your scene you don’t have to worry about looking like DaemonDanes! You can actually relax and be comfortable.

Fumbling for the right implement?
Getting yourself a glass of water?
Deciding what you are going to do next?

Don’t worry about it. All your bottom knows is the anticipation of your next move, and the scene space that you have painted in her mind.

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