An Interview about Asexuality

Couldn't find source. This is similar, if you'd like to purchase it.

Couldn’t find source. This is similar, if you’d like to purchase it.

Some months ago I started listening to Erotic Awakening, a podcast about all sorts of kinky things and non-traditional sexuality. The review is here.

After that, I started corresponding with the hosts, Dan and dawn, and Dan looked at my profile on FetLife, as you do, and asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed on the show about being asexual. They often interview people about topics that are unfamiliar to them so I was happy to oblige.

It so happened I was working on an essay about being asexual and kinky at the time and I said they may want to wait until they’d read that as a little background.

Dan and dawn are super busy people so the interview was put on the back burner for a few weeks, but the interview happened over the holiday and we had a great time. We could have talked for much longer, but the basics were covered, I think. If there’s enough interest I’ll do a segment on my show about it.

It’s streamable and downloadable here and also available on iTunes. It’s episode 383 of Erotic Awakening.

The show is NSFW. So headphones for definite.

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