Episode 001 The Marketplace

Episode the First: Wherein The Pageist begins sharing her love of books with the whole wide, English-understanding-world.

The Pageist is a podcast about books on BDSM and other forms of non-traditional sexual expression and relationships. Including fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels; from the classics to contemporary works and featuring topics from ethical non-monogamy to sex work to gender issues to kink to the science of sex. If you’re not supposed to listen to those sorts of things for legal reasons then you really shouldn’t listen to this. The Pageist is proud to be a member of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network.

00.58 Intro:

In this episode:

  • I’ll give a brief introduction to how the show will work
  • Explain how I first discovered my kinky self in a book
  • Then review The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou
  • Read a saucy section from it
  • Share a selection from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations that is useful for submissives

1.47 Diary Pages:

  • How I landed myself a podcast a few months after hearing a podcast for the first time.
  • My love of books–everything about them–and sharing what I’m reading with anyone who’ll listen.
  • I first learned I was kinky from a book. Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis.
  • The kind of kinky I turned out to be was a pageist and I explain exactly what that is. It has nothing to do with Jimmy Page.

As part of this section I describe the four types of books I’ll be reviewing:

Paige Catches Up: Contemporary Classics Everyone’s Read: Revisit old favorites, learn about books you might have missed. Fiction or non-fiction. (Examples: The Marketplace, The Story of O, The New Topping Book, etc)

Paige is on Top (for Once): Current Releases: These can be fiction or non-fiction. To my mind, books never expire and I’ll read/review anything I feel is pertinent.

Paige Likes ’em Old: Classics: These can be kinky or sexy—the types of books that pushed boundaries and gave our ancestors the vapors. (Examples: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, anything by de Sade, Fanny Hill)

Paige Gets Graphic: Comics and Graphic Novels: Because sexy pictures are sexy. Both kinky and vanilla (Tijuana Bibles, The Lost Girls Trilogy, Sunstone).

  • I have amassed a small library of physical and digital books already, but if you’d like me to review yours you can email digital copies to thepageist[at]gmail[dot]com. Or send physical copies to:
    Paige La Marchand
  • I can’t promise I’ll be able to review everything I receive (time is the difficulty), but all reviews will be fair.

6.37 Book Review:

I decided to review Laura Antoniou’s contemporary erotic classic The Marketplace after hearing her interview with Dan and dawn on Erotic Awakening.

The Marketplace is the first book in a series also called The Marketplace, which is about an international organization that caters to people who want to own slaves and those who wish to give up all autonomy.

This book in the series is concerned with four slaves who are at a house that specializes in training slaves for auction. The four people represent stereotypes of the kink scene.

16.55 Sexy Section:

This was a difficult decision, let me tell you. I chose a scene featuring two of my favorite people–the slave who is very, very obedient and the female Mistress/trainer.

23.20 Meditations for submissives

  • Explanation of what this segment is about
  • A little history about Marcus Aurelius, co-emperor of Rome
  • The edition I use is the Penguin Great Ideas version
  • The first selection centers on how to maintain focus on the task at hand in order to be your best self
  • This is the companion post with the text

28.12 Closing Remarks:

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