The Pageist Podcast

6 January, 2016. (It’s a Wednesday. Hump day. Teehee.)

Mark your calendars, kinky friends.

The Pageist is getting her own podcast, sakes alive.

Dan and dawn of the Erotic Awakening podcast have gone and allowed me on their podcast network. Oh boy. I am honored and excited and I get to read about kinky things. And then share what I read with others, which is one of my favorite parts.

Twice a month (or so–it’s a new show, we’ll see how things shake out) I will be reviewing a book or two and talking about other sexy, word-centric things.



Books reviews will generally fall into four types:

Paige Catches Up: Contemporary Classics Everyone’s Read: Revisit old favorites or learn about books you might have missed. Fiction or non-fiction. (Examples: The Marketplace, The Story of O, The New Topping Book, etc)

Paige is on Top (for Once): Current Releases: These can be fiction or non-fiction.

Paige Likes ’em Old: Classics: These can be kinky or sexy—the types of books that pushed boundaries and gave our ancestors the vapors. (Examples: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, anything by de Sade, Fanny Hill)

Paige Gets Graphic: Comics and Graphic Novels: Because sexy pictures are sexy. Both kinky and vanilla. (Tijuana Bibles, The Lost Girls Trilogy, Sunstone)

I’ll tell you what worked, what didn’t work so well and read the smuttiest bits in the fiction books. So you can always tune in just for that.

In the non-fiction books I’ll read the sections that made me think the most or taught me something or that I’d be interested in hearing other opinions on.

Sometimes I’ll be interviewing authors. I don’t have a cute name for that. Paige Pesters People?

Every other episode I’ll share a brief piece from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations that I find useful as a submissive. Because I figure if I find it useful other s-types probably will, too.

In opposite episodes it’ll be a prompt or two from Where I am Led.

At the start of some episodes I’ll do a segment called Diary Pages, in which I’ll talk a little about something new I’ve tried. I’m a newbie in many ways so you can vicariously relive those early days, folks! I’m also an introvert so, you know, don’t expect those segments to happen with great frequency.

If you’d like me to review your physical book, the address is:

Paige La Marchand

Digital books can be sent to thepageist [at] gmail [dot] com. PDFs or mobi, please. Though I can convert other file types if those aren’t available.

[I make no guarantee your book will be reviewed. I do guarantee that, if reviewed, I will be fair and honest.]

And, in other news, the site now has a Facebook page.

Because a Twitter page and a Tumblr blog just aren’t enough.

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