Sub Journal 005: Obedience

005. Do you find obedience to be easy?

Obedience is easy if I’m obeying a woman I admire and respect. Then I want to please her and live up to her standards and expectations. Obeying a D-type would also be freeing, as I wouldn’t have to think, I would simply have to do as I was bid.

While I want to do the best I can in all things, I don’t feel the need to do as I’m told by anyone issuing an order. I believe that people are equal and recognize that some people are in positions of authority due to nepotism or because they simply worked at the company long enough rather than because of any outstanding personal qualities. To me, respect is reciprocal and is based on intelligence, fairness, level-headedness, etc.

In cases where I am expected to obey someone I do not respect I will do my job, as it’s my job and I don’t want to be lazy, but will grind my back teeth the entire time.

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