Boobs and a Rant

An edit of a Yuji Susaki photograph.

An edit of a Yuji Susaki photograph.

The boobs are very nice so I’m going to keep this rant brief.

I source most all of my erotic images from Tumblr. When I find one I want to share I use multiple reverse image search engines (SauceNAO, IQDB, TinEye and Google) to try to find the original. Most of the time this is unsuccessful.

I genuinely want to credit artists. They deserve the recognition and, if you need a selfish reason, you’ll be able to find more art to perv over.

Original posters of content on Tumblr, please post the artist responsible for the work you enjoy enough to share. That person put a great deal of time, energy, and probably money into their art. Is it that sexy photography seems worth less because sex is considered shameful or dirty or base? Like how erotica is considered worth less than mainstream fiction?

Whatever the reason, you’d want your work credited so credit others, please.

And if you know of a better reverse image search tool, please leave a comment.

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