New Tokyo Decadence — The Slave

New Tokyo Decadence The Slave

Rinako Hirasawa has known she was a masochist since she was in high school when her pervy maths teacher would tie her up and make her answer algebra questions and humiliate her.

She worked in S/M clubs at university where she topped men. And she was good at it because she knew what pain and humiliation felt like.

Then she got a normal job out in the real world. Her boss (Kikujiro Honda) recognises something in her and soon asks her to be his slave.

In short order he’s dripping hot wax on her tongue (in shot) and on her body before taking her roughly from behind. She wasn’t complaining.

Their relationship grew darker–with him asking for more depraved things as time carries on. Eventually, as will happen, emotions get involved. She tries to go vanilla. Guess how that goes.

This one was unpredictable–I will say that. (No, she didn’t succeed with the vanilla, never fear.) But I genuinely didn’t know what was going to happen from one scene to the next.

‘Service-oriented submissive. Thanks for playing, though.’

Unsurprisingly, as the film is Japanese, all the bondage is shibari–no handcuffs here–including suspension and inverted suspension.

There’s some quite obviously real flogging and the previously mentioned wax-play so around the time the actress was suspended upside down I began wondering just how much preparation they’d done before filming. There’s commitment to a role and then there’s the sort of thing that will send a person to hospital or therapy.

It turns out the story is based on the lead actress’ real life–so no worries–she knows what she’s doing.

This is a pink film, which can be a few things, but I would call it soft core pornography. Except really well-written. You see everything except PIV penetration.

New Tokyo Decadence is what Secretary would have been if Lee Holloway had known she was a masochist when she was hired. And if E. Edward Grey had known he was (and had been comfortable with being) a sadist.

Though probably more hardcore than that. There was some fairly hardcore stuff. Harder than Secretary, anyway.

This was definitely an interesting watch and has made me curious about pink films. I’ll be looking for more of those. If you’ve seen any and would recommend them, please leave a comment.


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