October is National Kink Month




Get out those freak flags, people!

I saw an image on Tumblr saying October was international kink month. I was curious about the origin of this and so poked the internet and found out October was declared National Kink Month in 2012 by Stockroom.com.

Prior to looking up the info I was wondering if whomever had chosen October had done so because it was close to Halloween and kinky people do love their outfits and, well, I wasn’t far off.

From the first link above:

October seemed a logical choice for Kink Month because Halloween is such a popular adult holiday. But while the leather hoods, masquerade masks, whips, and other accessories on sale make excellent Halloween costumes, it’s really the holiday’s spirit of sexual exploration and expression that make it seem the right season to shed light on what BDSM and fetish play is all about. After all, as Stockroom founder Joel Tucker notes, “Kinky sex is based on experimentation, adventure, and exploration of roles and dynamics that are often different from the day-to-day lives we lead. Halloween, for adults, is an occasion for playing with sexy costumes, assumed identities, and the enjoyment or humor in the darker side of life. (Think of ‘The Addams Family.’) Kink, Halloween, and the month of October are a natural fit.”

And, as I go to the Stockroom site, they seem to be having the same problem Kink.com has in that there are no lesbians.

All Men or All Hetero

Oh sure. Protect the gay dudes from seeing a vag, but the lesbians have to wade through entire forests of dicks when doing their shopping. FINE. What patriarchy?

[I couldn’t find the original source for the top image. Leave a comment if you know from whence it came.]

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