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Back in July I talked about the Perverted Podcast (which I still love and they continue to be awesome) but I needed more kink in my life. So I went into iTunes and found Erotic Awakening. And I think I’m going to be set for awhile, as they have 360+ episodes. iTunes only stores 300, though, but you can find all of them on their website.

I’ve been listening to one or two a day while doing chores, so it’ll probably be some time before the point where I need to go to their website to get the oldest episodes.

About the show.

It’s hosted by Dan and dawn, who are in a Master/slave relationship and are also poly. They have been in the lifestyle for sixteen years and teach classes and are very personable. Dawn’s laugh makes me smile.

(In one episode she told a story about laughing at work and someone she doesn’t usually work with was walking by and his head whipped around. Perhaps he recognised her signature giggle. He continued on his way, though. Can’t exactly say anything without outing oneself, can one?)

They have a Question of the Day, where someone writes in and they try to answer it based on their experience–sometimes it takes awhile and is very thought-provoking. Other times it’s more of a, ‘Nope. Not cool. Don’t do that–you’ll never get the applesauce out of the tractor engine.’

Another feature is the tentacles/food on boobs, which is where listeners send in photos of things with tentacles (dawn) or food on boobs (Dan).

If the hosts don’t know about something they often interview people about those topics. Those interviews vary between interesting and a little dull depending on the personality of the interviewee–that’s nothing to do with the hosts.

Something that does have to do with the hosts was how young they sound/seem. They clearly know what they’re talking about, but then, during a conversation about moving into their new house dawn mentioned her kids coming to see it and I was, ‘What, are you picking them up from pre-school to see it for the first time?’

Then they dropped the bomb of there being grandchildren.

Clearly being kinky keeps you young on the inside, because I had listened to a few episodes before this revelation so this new information had me doing crazy numbers in my head. ‘If she had her child when she was thirteen and that child had a kid at thirteen, okay, we’re getting somewhere plausible…’

They’ve been in the lifestyle sixteen years, as I said. They know a thing or four. Their advice is level-headed and I always learn something.

The episode about spanking… the way the podcast app works is that once you listen to a particular episode the app deletes that episode for you in 24 hours. Which is very helpful.

But the spanking episode had me fiddling around, working out how to save an episode so it never gets deleted. You know. For research purposes.

Other episodes I’ve found interesting were on negotiation and masochism.

They’re nearing the end of a series of episodes where each one is based on one letter of the alphabet. Spanking was ‘s’, negotiation was ‘n’, etc. I’m working backwards, as I said, so I’m looking forward to ‘a’. Gee, I wonder what it will be.

On a final note–the music for the show is sort of mid-range jazz with whip cracks for percussion. I want to make it a ringtone. It could be handy. See if anyone swings around and give them a lil wink.

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