30 Days of Kink: The Last Fetish Shop in N.O.

Day 30: Whatever BDSM/kink related thing you want to write about.

I had planned to write about my romp amongst the multiple fetish shops that were no doubt thriving in New Orleans, what with all the sinners and all. (Drinking on the street is legal there–this is unusual in the U.S.)

I was sorely disappointed.

Prior to my trip to the bayou, I had received information from a former resident of New Orleans that there would be several kink shops in the French Quarter. This was fortunate, as our accommodation was within walking distance.

The first clue my quest would be a futile one was when Google returned zero hits when searching for the shops I wanted. When I did find a reference it was some lamentation or another for a long-time shop having closed.

I thought the fault lay with me and my inability to find anything ever using internet search engines.

Because, surely, New Orleans still had at least five active fetish shops.

We’d simply ask at a gay club. Rawhide sounded like a promising start.

Before we got that far, we came across Boutique du Vampyre, which is a funky little shop with loads of handmade (well-made) items. They had gorgeous corsets and I had a friend there who sews who checked it out and gave me the thumbs up saying it was very high-quality. The one I chose was an under corset and it was $150. When I showed it to another corset aficionado who was with us but not on that expedition she gave me a high five for finding something that nice at that price. She also laced me me into it.

Behold, my first corset!

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(It’s by Daisy Corsets if you want to check out their incredible line.)

The woman there, the very cool and lovely Marita Jaeger gave us the news there weren’t really any fetish shops left. She said there was a place that may have some things, which turned out to be QT Pie at 241 Dauphine. They had a sister site, Panda Bear (415 Bourbon St), which was 99% sex toys and lingerie and a few fetish gear type things.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I had hoped for an experience similar to the first time going to a gay bookstore, which had buttons and stickers and books and t-shirts and all sorts of gay-themed things, but with a kinky bent. (heh heh) I had felt less alone in the world and spent far too much money there. Not this time, alas.

Boutique du Vampyre saved my trip. I wound up going back to give them more money and get other things, since I had been holding back on the assumption I’d be throwing cash around like mad in the actual fetish shop.

Oh well. At least I know my google skills aren’t as bad as I’d thought.


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