30 Days of Kink Day 28 Attire

Day 28: How do you dress for kink/BDSM play? What significance does your attire have to you?

I haven’t actually done anything, but in my head I would go to dungeons (and I intend to do this eventually) in black jeans, a white button down top and black leather corset or waist corset of some description. I’m not sure about shoes. Probably riding boots. Those aren’t really subby—I think of those as being more ‘On your knees, worm!’ but they’re comfortable.

I'm more into fashion corsets than waist-training. (credit)

I’m more into fashion corsets than waist-training. (credit)

Because I have the whole ‘Very Good Secretary’ fetish thing I also like the idea of dressing that way. Sort of office appropriate for an assistant to the sort of woman a friend of mine calls the Head Bitch in Charge (HBiC). That would probably really confuse people, though. ‘Did she come here straight from the office?’

During scenes I would prefer to wear something feminine but not too fussy. Stockings are hot, but I’ve never had the urge to wear them. A camisole with a bit of lace trim and matching boy shorts. Thongs aren’t my thing and wedgies aren’t sexy. I like wearing something, though. I think of my style in that department as somewhere between baby girl and slut. (I use both words as compliments and recognise that one person can be both things. Clothing-wise, one is pink jim-jams with sheep on and the other is crotchless panties and sheer bras. Both have their positive attributes but neither are ‘me’.)

I’m not sure how to answer the significance question. My clothing choices are what feel natural to me. Those choices are how I would express my submissive side. In public I wouldn’t be nude—or even close to it—because my submission would be for my Dominant. But I still love the way leather looks. And I want to be comfortable—both that evening and the next few days—so heels are not an option.

In scenes I would be more comfortable covered (though wearing less than my Dominant) at least for a time. I just find that more interesting/sexy. Obviously, if my Dominant made a request for something—a costume or particular type of lingerie—I’d be amenable.

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