30 Days of Kink Day 10: Hard Limits

Let me think about it no

Day 10: What are your hard limits?

Hard limits are activities a person will absolutely not do under any circumstances (opposed to soft limits, which a person may do under the right circumstances, with the right person, in the right mood, etc). A person’s hard limits are hard wired and are very unlikely to change.

Hard limits aren’t things that simply don’t turn you on—that you hear/see and think, ‘Meh, that’s not for me.’ They’re more aversions. That’s the definition I’m using, at any rate.

Here are mine in alphabetical order.

Bathroom restriction. I have a small bladder and just no to this one.
Boot licking. I’ll polish them like my very life depended upon it, but I will not lick or kiss them.
Breast slapping. The ladies are sensitive and prefer to be treated kindly.
Breath play. My brain enjoys oxygen and I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m going to die even for pretend.
Face slapping or punching.
Faeces/urine (anything to do with)
Fisting of any sort. Just. Ouch. Thank you, but no.
Gags. I have TMJ and other ENT problems that make this a no-go.
Gunplay. Too much history there.
Recent history roleplay (within the last three centuries)
Scarification/tattooing/branding/permanent marking of any kind. Needleplay and bloodplay would be a soft limit.
Semen. I’m a lesbian. So gay, I am.
Verbal or physical humiliation or degradation.

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