30 Days of Kink Day 7: Favourite Toy

Icicles Glass Rose

Glass rose dildo by Icicles

Day 7: What’s your favourite toy?

Currently it’s probably the Siren silicone dildo from GoodVibes. It’s the first one that I’ve used regularly and took some getting used to but it’s turning into a favourite. I’m also very fond of a battery-operated vibrator I got from GoodVibes years ago but they no longer offer and I can’t recall the name of. I’m not going to photograph mine because that’s kind of icky. It’s slender with a small bulb at the end.

I also have a glass rose dildo by Icicles which is a work of art. The head/bulb of the rose is probably too large for me at the moment so it’s just something that sits discreetly around and is lovely.

Of course bullet vibes are always good and I really should get a new one. They were my initiation into sex toys and the only thing that consistently worked for some time. Years ago I accidentally left one on the floor of my bedroom and returned home from work one day to find my cat had chewed through the wire that attached the controller to the bullet. I was gutted. A replacement was ordered posthaste.

If you’re looking for sex toy reviews for both men and women (and couples) I highly recommend Oh Joy Sex Toy.

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