30 Days of Kink Day 2: My Kinks

Cuffs and flogger

Day 2: List your kinks

You know what they say… it’s only kinky the first time.

I don’t even know what counts as kinky now. Just being restrained? Is that kinky anymore? Doesn’t everyone own a pair of handcuffs and at least one butt plug?

My real world experience is nil. My interior world experience is ‘capacious as the sea’ as Emily Dickinson would say.

I suppose I can list things I would absolutely try and find all levels of sexy.

  • Leather cuffs. Ankle or wrist.
  • Decorative harnesses. Just those strappy leather body harnesses that serve no purpose except to look hot.
  • Chains or metal clips that hook and hold leather cuffs to one another or stationary objects. (Oddly, not a fan of leashes of any kind. They look good, but I have no desire to wear one or be lead by one.)
  • Blindfolds (I like lace blindfolds, even though they’re sort of beside the point, but they’re very pretty, no?) Those heavy leather blindfolds are good, too.
  • Leather. Just in general. The way it creaks. The way it smells. The way it starts out on animals that can be eaten. And a commanding woman in leather gloves. Just… Yes.
  • Leather boots, jackets, trousers, whatever. If it looks good on the person and it’s dead cow hide then I’m all about it.
  • Floggers—suede, leather, thuddy ones. Thuddy pain is what sounds appealing to me. Stingy pain not so much. I hit the palm of my hand with a riding crop once. That plan could have used some work.
  • OTK spankings with leather gloves please and thank you.
  • Being told what to do by a dominant woman everyone else is terrified of. Super bonus points if she’s over 50, wearing glasses and a suit (skirt or pants). If it’s pinstripe just kill me because my life couldn’t possibly reach a higher pinnacle.

I like the way corsets look, but I’ve never worn one so don’t know if I’d be interested in wearing one. I’d probably happily go for one of those leather fashion numbers, but not one of the types that’s made to tightly lace someone into correct posture. I’m not into that sort of torture and I like breathing and eating.

I feel like there are probably other things, but I don’t realise they’re kinks anymore (if I ever did) so I’m unintentionally leaving them out. They’re just part of me.


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