9 1/2 Weeks

"Nineweeksposter" by Source. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of 9½ Weeks">Fair use via Wikipedia.

Nineweeksposter” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Repressed art gallery employee Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger) becomes involved with charming Wall Street broker John Gray (Mickey Rourke) after their paths cross randomly. Elizabeth is divorced but still has feelings for her husband—it’s complicated.

But Mr Gray. (What is it with that name?) Mr Gray has a way of distracting women with his mere presence. He is calm and confident and sexy. And he is focused on Elizabeth.

He brings her out of her shell with sensual domination but won’t meet her friends. Their relationship is highly—completely?–sexual in nature. Though he pushes her further sexually and takes her dark places psychologically, he remains emotionally withholding. Elizabeth wants everything.

9 ½ Weeks is one very hot scene after another of a variety of types of sex. These scenes are held together with a loose plot that is fairly dispensable.

I’m at the point now where I want people to acknowledge what they are and then negotiate. I want them to have checklists. We don’t have to see all of it, but there was a scene that was non-consensual that was disturbing and then another where he was quite threatening her with a belt and she said she didn’t like it and he was shouting that she did. They didn’t have open communication.

The affair could have gone on a lot longer than 9 ½ weeks if they’d had better communication, that’s all.

The film is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Elizabeth McNeill (the pseudonym of Ingeborg Day). I’m curious how the real life people met, because in the film they stumbled across one another a couple times in different places. In they lived in a small town then that could be believable. Or if it was on the same train ride every day then all right, but this was in New York in different areas of the city. Is John Gray the pre-Fifty Shades stalker?

Speaking of, THIS Mr Gray is actually hot. This one is genuine Dom material. Yeah, he needs to learn to be vulnerable, but he’s actually confident and sexy, not just pretending to be. He’s not a narcissistic sadist and he has a sense of humour.

I have to add, though, the scene in the rain—they’re having sex on the steps under the water from the downspouts on the buildings in New York? I would never be that turned on, because that water would be filthy. And steps can’t be comfortable. But that was the least believable thing about the film. Compared to every single thing in Fifty Shades.

This is a classic for a reason.


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