Men Named Gray: A Rant

I was preparing to write the film review for next Friday (which is 9 1/2 Weeks) and went to Wikipedia to find the names of the characters, because I can never remember those.

And what’s Mickey Rourke’s character’s name? John Gray.

'ANOTHER top named "Gray"?! HMPH' (credit)

‘ANOTHER top named “Gray”?! HMPH’ (credit)

And that was it.

That was the last Gray/Grey I could take.

I’m working on an essay about the theme of dominance in The Picture of Dorian Gray. So there’s one. Though I’ll forgive that one because it’s Oscar Wilde and that book is AMAZING.

Then, recently I reviewed Alasdair Gray’s Something Leather, which wasn’t all that wonderful, unfortunately. I’d read that the book had something to do with lesbians into kinky sex and was intrigued, then saw the author’s name and thought, ‘Another Gray? They’re everywhere.’ But at least he’s an actual human and can’t help his surname.

It all started with that book and film, though Christian’s name is spelled like the colour, with an ‘e’.

Many years before, I’d seen and loved Secretary, but had forgotten the lawyer’s name was E. Edward Grey until a recent re-watch. That character didn’t have a name in the original short story–he was just called ‘the lawyer’–so I wonder why they chose that name when adapting it. They didn’t say in the DVD commentary.

Then, today. 9 1/2 Weeks and John Gray is one of the main characters.

Is it because I’m just now noticing it and so it’s everywhere? Was one (or more) of these characters an homage to the others so it was on purpose?

I’m letting Alasdair Gray off the hook, but the fictional characters are all men out to corrupt innocent people. Or to show them the darker sides of their nature. Dorian Gray and E. Edward Grey both only show people parts of themselves that are already there. John Gray and Manipulative Abuser take people down roads they don’t necessarily want to go down.

Are they named Gray because they represent moral grey areas and every single one of those authors was just that unimaginative?

Either way, fifty shades of shut the fuck up with that name, already.

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